Sunday, 28 April 2013

Like a Flailing Seagull

I had been meaning to post this little lot for a while, but my dilapidated old scanner's been playing daft bastards.  

First of all we have two more Nottingham-based Sidewalk covers from the mid-to-late-90s:
On the left, Alan Rushbrooke eases a well-balanced backside 5.0 down the yellow Sneinton school rail.  This was from the first copy of Sidewalk I ever purchased myself (issue 14, March 1997), and I read and re-read it with new guy enthusiasm. The rail in question has seen quite a lot of action.  I think its last appearance in a mag involved a Chewy switch crook at some point in the mid-2000s.  A particular snap I'd like to put up is of Blonde Boozing & Bellowing Buffoon, Ali Couch and his fully committed frontside over-crook down this very rail - which I believe still graces the inside of one of the changing rooms in Non Stop.  Creepy...  that guy is looking at you when you try on a new pair of super tight fitting Nike SB/Levis jeans.

On the right, Harry 'the bastard' Bastard (given name Alan Cuthbertson) boosts an indie out of one of the awkward hips of the late Broadmarsh Banks.  This is from the Jan/Feb 1995 mag, predating my entry to this absurd pastime but included in a stash of mags given to me by a former Non Stop employee as he went about exorcising skateboarding from his life (I got the Keenan Milton RIP issue of Transworld in that bundle, so there are benefits to being nice to bitter ex-skaters).

Then we have 42's own Scotty Underdown's Jan/Feb 98 Haunts Interview - which a bunch of us have been reminiscing about lately (my buddy Jerry presents it as a divining rod for taste: if you don't think this is amazing, you're an idiot).  I apologise for the poor quality of a couple of the scans - the original mag isn't in the greatest of nick, as it was another read and re-read favourite, and notable for including the Jon Weatherall cover I posted a bit ago, a dope Carl Shipman DC ad,  a Tom Penny Radlands switch-frontside flip driveway clearance, and an early example of why Finland is worth watching if you're in anyway inclined towards appreciating the massive pop/hip-hop school of street skating (Mikko Kivikoski's 'First Offence' check out).  Anyway, Scotty's Haunts interview is amazing, as you can see for yourself...  particularly dig the front board on the back of a bench and the window ledge crook grind.  Fresh moves from 'handy-bendy-Ghandi'.  

Nottingham's full of similar high-ish window ledges just crying out for crooks, back smiths or front noseslides.  

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