Saturday, 4 May 2013


If you have fond memories of the 1995 Harmony Korine/Larry Clarke film 'Kids', or the Mixtape-era heyday of NYC skateboarding and the original Zoo York thing in general, you'd be well-advised to spend a moment reading this 'almost twenty years' later' piece on Kids by Caroline Rothstein.  Interviews with legends like Peter Bici and Jefferson Pang give you a mix of behind-the-scenes testimonies and where-are-they-now stories.  And, of course, a lot of memories of the late, great Harold Hunter.
Maybe this isn't the 'best' section on Mixtape (for that, I can't decide between Anthony Correa or Robbie Gangemi), but its a vivid illustrator of what Josh Stewart said in the last issue of '43' about strong personalities shining through, making  someone's skating both great and memorable. 
r.i.p. HH and r.i.p. the OG Zoo we knew and loved.  Hope reading the above article on Kids, or watching any part of Mixtape reminds the streetwear financiers now in charge of Zoo what poor custodians they've been. 
P.S. Nice to see Pang and Bici both looking mighty healthy for being in their forties (seriously?!)...  hopefully that's a testament of the elixir of youth from shredding on a plank for years. 

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