Saturday, 9 March 2013

Slam recently posted a new edit by Chris Mulhern, Static contributor and maker of 'This Time Tomorrow' - one of the best indie vids to come out of the US in the last 2-3 years (and if you've not seen it, it features killer sections from Brits Steph Morgan and Lucien Clarke and honorary Brit and OG SF head Will Harmon, skating London and Philly spots). 
'The Philadelphia Experiment' isn't far off the perfect edit... new footage of Ishod Wair combined with archive footage of Ricky Oyola.  The rugged Philly spots even make Mark Suciu's (admittedly amazing) skating look interesting.  Mulhern's consistent aesthetic - illustrated in This Time Tomorrow and his promo work for 5Boro and Pusher Wheels (all on the This Time Tomorrow DVD extras... buy it!) - is in full effect in this edit: the filming of proper street skating, finished with a feel-good red/brown palette that makes Philly brick-work look amazing.   Also dig the imagery: architectural diagrams, old maps, and night-time shots of eerily lit, grand old buildings - reminiscent of the 90s brand Silverstar, and early Blueprint stuff (when all those masonic conspiracy references were en vogue on both sides of the pond - for those 90s survivors still geeking out on conspiracy theories and weird-but-maybe-true moments in modern history, look up the Philadelphia experiment).
Replace the 60s/70s soul and classic rock n' pop with some ignorant ass hip-hop, and you really would have the perfect template for a skate flick.  Its just been deleted from youtube, so you'll have to view it on Vimeo here:


The Philadelphia Experiment from Caste Quality on Vimeo.

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