Monday, 11 March 2013


Quick post (or, more accurately, another re-post): those fine fellows at Quartersnacks just posted this link to a news story on an art installation & public realm project in Berlin, where granite slabs salvaged from the redevelopment of  Palace of the Republic have been carted off to an abandoned airfield and re-constituted as an amazing looking plaza development...  at limited cost to the public purse, and maximum fun and aesthetic pleasure for the city's skate brotherhood.

Most Nottingham locals still miss (the communal skate facility, not the pigeon shit covering of) old market square.  Sneinton market - despite its arguably better construction - has yet to fully fill that gap, even if it got fairly prevalent in 2012's Big Push edits.  How great would it have been if some of those crusty old slabs from the square could have been handed over to us, so we could have carted them off to one of the abandoned airfields in Nottinghamshire?  Hell, East Midlands Airport is bound to be usable for such things sooner or later, with the departure of EasyJet and demise of BMI... leaving us with frickin' Ryan Air for our Barcelona escapes.  Stalin-square-on-Trent, yo.  As ever, the Germans (and Scandinavians and Dutch - Northern Europeans generally) are miles ahead of both us in the UK and the Americans with this sort of inspired lateral thinking.  The newish plaza in Cologne is another testament to this, which has presumably made locals happier about the loss of much of the iconic Doms platz of many a Puzzle section.

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